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Girl on Green Chair

Is your chair wobbly? Maybe that special chair got a leg broken?

We got your back!

Chair repairs in Glasgow

Specialised chair repair

We are here to rejuvenate your cherished chair that has been your companion and now needs a bit of tender loving care.

Nestled in the heart of Battlefield in Glasgow, our workshop specialises in a wide array of chair repair services, solving most of the issues chairs present as time passes. Simply bring your chair to us and we will craft a bespoke solution to extend its life for many more years.

While your chair gets its treatment, you might also unwind in our BR Caffè and savour the taste of pure Italian coffee, brewed in traditional (and stylish!) way.

Repair of wobbly chair legs

Ever noticed your favourite chair becoming unsteady on a flat surface? It’s a common issue we have all faced at some point. But fret not: we are experts at fixing wobbly chairs.

Wobbly chairs usually suffer from one of these problems:

  1. cracks in wood or weld failures.

  2. loose joints: happens typically in wooden chairs because screws, nails, and glue no longer hold chair pieces as it used to.

  3. uneven legs: a tell-tale sign of use, uneven legs might manifest due to wear and tear of softer materials.

  4. bent components: environmental factors or mechanical stress can compromise chair parts, making it wobbly.

In any of these cases, we can repair your chair, making it reliable and stable once again. Bring it to our shop and we will find the best solution for it.

Antique and patio chairs


Whether due to the ravages of time weather, antique and patio chairs might lose some of their charm and functionality. Rely on our expertise to repair and restore your antique and patio chair back to their former glorious days.

Over extended periods of time, environmental factors such as humidity, wind and heat can quicken the deterioration of your chairs. At Battlefield Restoration we professionally replace legs, reinforce joints and apply a fresh coat of varnish or paint to restore them.

Does your chair need new foam and upholstery? It will be our duty to provide it, making it pretty and comfortable again.

Contact us or, better yet, bring your chair to our shop and we will take care of it for you.

Antique Office chairs

In our office, where creativity, productivity, and collaboration flourish, our chairs are the unsung heroes, offering necessary support throughout the working day.

Is your chair not as comfortable or functional as it used to be? Bring it to us, and we will tailor a solution to restore it to its prime, ensuring your comfort and productivity in the office.

Our comprehensive office chair repair services include reupholstering, fixing armrests, replacing wheels, renewing foam padding, welding repairs , repairing broken legs, joint stabilisation, greasing rotational bearing sets and more.

With each repair, we not only enhance your well-being with a chair that supports good posture but also contribute to environmental sustainability by extending the life of your chair.

Have a look at some of the chairs we repaired:

Are your chairs just fine? Then, check restored items currently available:

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