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Restoration Paintings by Libby Walker

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

I love working with local skilled artists and have done work in the past with Zoe of Tenetiles who produced amazing linocut prints of thistles referenced from Dr Agnes Walkers book "What is the Scottish Thistle" which explores historically which thistles have been used in heraldry, botany and in art.

Alongside these prints were images used in the 1983 Thistles Exhibition at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery framed by Logs Studios

The current collaboration is with Libby Walker where she is producing a series of paintings titled

" Restoration" . The buildings featured are in a state of restoration where she uses nature as a symbol of regrowth , a reminder of how by repairing and reusing we can find hope in collaborating with nature.

This is the first piece she has produced

and it will be on display for sale along with

the rest of the series in our shop window

from the 1st of December . Loving the other pieces as they are being completed but cold weather has slowed the drying of the oil paint.

Today Friday 1st December they are now in the shop window, all featuring Glasgow buildings that are in a state of Restoration, from completed to hoped for. The idea is a core value , reusing and restoring means we can all have a more sustainable future .

West Boathouse, Springburn Winter Gardens, Govanhill Baths, Scotland Street School. £110 -£240

The driving force behind this idea is the fact that old buildings have like the products I restore been made with limited supply resources which used carbon in the extraction and building/manufacturing processes. See my blog on Design for the Future

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