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BR Caffè

Imagine an Art Deco shop where vintage and sustainable items meet cosiness, warm shades, and inebriating smells. After thinking about that and some long pondering we came up with BR Caffè.

Inside our shop you will find an Art Deco ambience with a 1930s bespoken counter, where you can enjoy coffee in the Italian way. The curves, the proportions, the colours, the marble top: everything was designed to favour a delightful experience to our visitors.

In case you would like to enjoy your coffee with time, some restored chairs from our furniture collection are available to sit and immerse yourself in the moment.

A true Italian coffee experience

We wanted to offer a retreat for your senses and for this reason we went to Italy to bring its unparalleled blend of purity, flavour, and culinary artistry of coffee indulgence to our shop in Glasgow.

It all began with the meticulous restoration of a vintage Faema Urania coffee machine from 1957, chrome plated and lovingly returned to its original splendour and full potential.

A vintage Faema coffee machine

Subsequently, we curated a selection featuring the three quintessential coffees gracing Italian bars: espresso, cappuccino, and macchiato, each carefully crafted in accordance with time-honoured traditions. Truly a delight for the discerning coffee aficionado! Of course, the cups where coffee is served reflect the ideal shape and material to fully savour what the beverage can deliver. Besides that, the materials used, porcelain and glass, can be washed and used innumerable times, aligning with our commitment to sustainable practices. In case you are interested in purchasing any, we have a small stock of those available to sell. Unquestionably, the vessels in which coffee is served are designed —both in shape and material— to optimise the full spectrum of flavours and aromas the beverage has to offer you. Crafted from enduring porcelain and glass, these cups not only enhance the drinking experience but also represent our commitment to sustainability through their capacity for countless reuses. Should you wish to own a piece of this experience, a limited stock is available for purchase. Lastly, we present a thoughtfully assortment of Italian pastry delicacies, serving as the perfect accompaniment to your coffee experience. In case their allure prove too irresistible, elegantly packaged selections are available for purchase. At present, we are delighted to feature the deep, nuanced flavours of the famous traditional Tuscan biscuit - cantucci.

An exclusive fine Italian coffee, now in Glasgow

Truthful to our purpose of bringing an excellent coffee experience to our audience, we searched Italy looking for a product that could deliver tradition, excellence, and know-how.

Located in northeast Italy, in greater Venice city, Goppion has been dedicating itself since 1948 to the art of coffee, across multiple generations, making every beam count. A tradition that started with part of family immigrated to Ethiopia and then returned to Italy, coffee is lovingly produced and delivered to passionate consumers.

Our chosen beam is the Goppion Dolce – Gran Miscela Italiana, the first one produced by the company. It’s a blend 90% arabica from Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala, and Honduras, while the remaining 10% is a Robusta that comes from Indonesia. Dolce is the Italian word for sweet, which is why this coffee might surprise and delight you with its mysterious delicacy.

From now on, this exceptional coffee is available exclusively at our Glasgow location, a singular offering also in all of Scotland.

Dogs are welcome
Faema machine and grinder
Espresso brewing

In the following video, you'll be treated to a delicious glimpse into the art of Goppion’s roasting process:

Visit BR Caffè and connect your senses to Italy

Step into our shop and immerse your senses in the rich aroma of coffee, while sinking into the comfort of a rejuvenated vintage chair. Allow yourself the freedom to meander through our curated collections of revitalised furniture, decoration, and lighting—a captivating blend of colours, shapes, and textures awaits.

For the truly passionate, we also provide Goppion coffee, meticulously ground to suit your brewing preference, available for both Moka pots and filter machines, presented in elegant tins. To complement your coffee, cantucci are available for purchase in charming boxes, perfect for enjoying a bite of Italian tradition at home or at work.

Oh, and don't be surprised if the soothing melodies from our restored sound systems add an extra layer of enchantment to your day.

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