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Battlefield Restoration Glasgow shop and workshop

About us: why we do what we do

Transcending the usual

Nestled within Glasgow's bustling landscape, Battlefield Restoration is a beacon for architectural salvage, revitalising and reimagining treasures that may have otherwise been resigned to the scrap heap.

The seed of this unique venture was sown during our founder's exploratory journey to New Zealand. There, he unearthed an innovative approach to sustainability - the practice of salvaging and selling items destined for disposal. Inspired by this, he set out to bring the practice back to his home, in Glasgow, and thus, Battlefield Restoration was born.

At Battlefield Restoration, we are not merely a reclamation yard. We are the guardians of bygone eras, committed to preserving and enhancing the inherent value of forgotten pieces. From the very heart of our establishment to the processes we employ, right down to every single artifact we rejuvenate, our undying dedication to restoring value fuels our journey.






Restoration: a way for a second life

We look beyond the surface, recognising the potential and the narratives that lie dormant within each item. There lies a story waiting to be unveiled and a function yet to be discovered.

Through careful restoration, we give these tools, furniture, homeware, lighting, and other items a new lease on life, turning them into functional, beautiful pieces for modern living.


Our mission extends beyond restoration: inspired by movements such as Make, Do and Mend, it's about sustainability, reducing waste, and promoting the adoption of a conscious consumption culture. So, whether you're seeking antiques near you or looking to infuse your space with unique character, Battlefield Restoration offers you a world of sustainable choices full of design.

Discover the untold stories within our salvaged items and join us in preserving our planet, one piece at a time.


Visit us at our store to experience our wares firsthand or click through our virtual shop to view our curated range from the comfort of your home.

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