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repair and rewiring

Revitalise your treasured lamp with our expert lamp repair and rewire services in Glasgow. Using top quality materials, we repair different types of lamps into a restored lighting article.

Your cherished lamp deserves a second chance; let us make it shine again!

Contact us and will find a way to make your lamp bright once again.


Lamp repair in Glasgow

With an unyielding commitment to quality, we offer bespoke solutions, sourcing only the finest materials from the market. This way we can ensure that every lamp we touch radiates excellence and elegance. Backed by an engineering background, our team applies precision techniques to restore and eventually repurpose lamps, transforming old pieces into functional art with an artisan's level of detail.


Floor lamps

Besides rewiring your floor lamp, we can repair its foot switch, shade, direction of light system or even something like base’s stability issues. Or how about some new coating to it? We can do it all for you. 


Wall lights

Beyond rewiring your wall lamp, our services encompass the repair of its mounting brackets, angle adjustment mechanisms, integrated dimming controls, or even addressing issues with its decorative housing


Side & desk lamps

Rediscover your side & desk lamp's versatile beauty through our expertise in adjusting arms, fine-tuning lighting controls, ensuring clamp balance, inline switches and plug functionality, electrical rewiring and preserving aesthetic finishes.

Some of the light repair we did recently...

Lamp repair most frequent services

These are some of the typical services we offer to repair lamps, covering a wide range of specific needs and preferences. They range from basic functional repairs to more artistic and custom requests, capturing the comprehensive care and creativity possible in lamp rewiring and repair:

  1. Standard lamp rewiring: replacement of old or faulty wiring with brand-new and safe materials.

  2. Shade repair and replacement: fixing or replacing damaged lampshades (textiles excluded).

  3. Chandelier restoration and rewiring: specialised care for intricate and often valuable chandeliers.

  4. Base stability reinforcement: strengthening or repairing the lamp base to ensure stability and safety.

  5. Socket and switch repair: repairing or replacing defective plugs and switches.

  6. Dimmer installation: adding or repairing dimmer controls for adjustable lighting.

  7. LED conversion: upgrading lamps to energy-efficient LED lighting.

  8. Directional lighting adjustment: repairing or adding mechanisms to control the direction of the light.

  9. Outdoor lamp weatherproofing: enhancing outdoor lamps with weather-resistant materials and wiring.

  10. Wall lamp mounting and repair: ensuring secure mounting and functionality of wall lamps.

  11. Desk lamp joint lubrication and tightening: enhancing the adjustable features of desk lamps.

  12. Cleaning and polishing service: professional cleaning to restore the appearance of lamps.

  13. Eco-friendly repurposing: transforming old or broken lamps into new, sustainable pieces.

  14. Bespoke lamp design consultations: offering personalised design consultations to create or restore lamps to a customer's specific desires.

  15. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT): crucial to ensure that the restored or rewired lamps meet all safety standards.

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