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Metal polishing service

Have your metal treasure polished by our specialised service of metal polishing in Glasgow. Our team will take full care of your piece, bringing it back bright as it used to be.

From stainless steel to silverware to aluminum, to copper or brass, our skilled craftsmanship will meticulously restore the original brilliance of your metal piece.

Send your enquiry, you will be happy to make your treasure shine bright again.

Door knobs polishing in Glasgow

Providing the same commitment and quality of services used in the restoration of numerous items, we offer door knobs polishing.

Through methodical work, your precious door knob will shine as good as it did when it was first used. Battlefield Restoration service is generally very quick, requiring a couple of days to polish it.


Besides door knobs, we also offer polishing of similar metals and sizes: from cutlery to private items and collections. You just have to drop them at our shop, when you might also appreciate a short break at our BR Caffè.


The following metals are the ones we most often polish. For different ones, send a message to check feasibility.

brass door knob

Brass knobs

We can check if your knob is solid or brass plated, clean it, remove stains, polish it and also add some protective coating to look great longer

Door knob stainless steel

Stainless steel knobs

Even stainless steel knobs might suffer with the passing of time. Our team cleans, polishes and protects this beautiful metal to shine for many more years.

Door knob polished

Aluminium and other

Other commonly found knobs are the ones in nickel, bronze, copper, and aluminium. Before polishing, we test your knob to check what material it is made of.

Metal polishing most frequent services

When it comes to metal polishing, each material has its own characteristics, requiring different services to have it shining again. Every piece is unique, therefore it may require a different combination of services. 

Here below, we present an overview of the most commonly utilised services by us in the art of metal polishing:

  • cleaning: the first step in any metal polishing process. It involves removing dirt, grease, and grime from the metal surface using appropriate cleaning agents. This step is crucial for preparing the metal for further polishing and treatment.

  • removing tarnish: it is a thin layer of corrosion that naturally forms on the surface of some metals, like silver and copper, due to oxidation. Removing tarnish often involves using chemical cleaners or mildly abrasive compounds to restore the metal's natural lustre.

  • polishing: this is the core process of metal finishing, where abrasives are used to smooth and shine the metal surface. Polishing is done mechanically with buffing wheels and specialized machinery.

  • buffing: a finer form of polishing, buffing uses soft cloths or buffing wheels to create a mirror-like, high-gloss finish. It often follows the initial polishing phase to enhance the shine and smoothness of the metal.

  • coating: after polishing, some metals may be coated with a protective layer to prevent tarnishing and corrosion. Common coatings include lacquers, waxes, or specialized metal sealants. This not only preserves the polished look but also extends the longevity of the metal.

We will be glad to find the best solution to make your metal piece shine again as it did in the past.

Contact us or bring your beauty directly to the shop, so we can assess what can be done.

Have a look at some of the metal polishing we did:

Already got your door knob shiny and brilliant? Then, check our currently available items on sale:

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