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Ultra 1952 Bakelite Radio
  • Ultra 1952 Bakelite Radio

    Original and stylish Ultra Bakelite Radio , the signal receivers have failed so instead of buying two replacements at £120 we have just made this a Bluetooth only radio but kept the original setup for upgrading if wished. We have other radios that are fully Radio with Bluetooth while this if fully Bluetooth

    Ultra Troubadour U7961

    This Ultra Troubadour radio dates from around 1953/54 and was manufactured by Ultra Electric Ltd. who, at that time, were based at Western Avenue, Acton, London, W.3. The company also manufactured products for the aviation industry before and after the Second World War.

    The Troubadour U7961 incorporated a five-valve line up which was standard in many radio sets of that time. It had both Medium Wave and Long Wave bands supported by an internal frame aerial although a connection to an external aerial, if available, was also included. The set has a 5 inch (12.7 cm) loudspeaker (moving coil) and a Bakelite case typical of the period.

    This particular set is in excellent condition externally with the brown Bakelite case having been polished to remove any scuffs or minor scratches. All control knobs are original and the front grill has no damage or other blemishes. The rear cover is in fairly good condition and is of the usual standard for its age. The internal frame aerial is attached to the rear cover.

    Where required, electronic components and wiring within the set have been replaced to bring it up to modern standards although it has not been economically possible to restore full radio functionality. The audio output stages of the set have, however, been repaired and a Bluetooth PCB with its own power supply has been installed while retaining all valves and original circuitry. The Bluetooth PCB can be paired and controlled from any smartphone and this allows access to internet radio stations and radio phone apps, including BBC Sounds, as well as Spotify etc.


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