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Bush radio TR82

Bush radio TR82

Original Bush Radio model TR82 in excellent condition and working with original power cable. 


Technical bit

All valves checked for performance, all old wax capacitors replaced with high quality polyester film capacitors, smoothing and reservoir capacitors replaced, dial bulbs replaced and all controls cleaned for excellent operation.

All internal mains wiring to and from the on/off switch has been replaced with modern silicone rubber covered stranded wire. The mains plug has been fitted with a 1A fuse.   

All resistors checked for correct values and changed where required. As can be seen from the picture the tuning dial is also in excellent condition, with no missing print.

Historical note about Bush

Bush Radio worked with the 'British Wireless for the Blind Fund', founded in 1928, on producing specially adapted sets which included this 5-valve receiver first introduced in 1950. 


Want to know more about vintage Bush radios? Check out the fresh blog article about them on the link.


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