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Workshop Progress 7th May 23

Updated: May 9, 2023

This week in the workshop we had a number of customers repairs and started work on some new items. The letterbox and large outside door knob needed cleaning & polishing, large solid brass of this quality is hard to find. The stool frames came back from being powder coated in light grey and the covers have been reused so they maintain their original style. The surface of this 1960s Formica topped table with aluminium edge is in excellent condition, we need to sand and varnish the legs to being it back to its original look designed by Frank Guille (1927-2018), one of Britain's best mid-century designers. The 1960s fibreglass lamp was found among unwanted items, while it had paint on both the teak and the fibreglass we have managed to restore it. The red streaks on the shade are very unusual and rare and are possibly influenced in style by Shelley's Dripware pottery from the 1930s. The green industrial lamp had its original bracket and we used a military hardwood prop to create a base that is both functional and loaded with history.

We are very happy with the industrial lamps finished results, the height is 1.5m tall and the military identification marks on the teak block have been sealed under a varnish finish. We also completed the final chapter on the Pye Black Box Stereophonic and the sound is more amazing than we had ever expected. The PYE Stereo Black Box Record Reproducer model G63/E features no radio but has a 2 x 7 watt stereo amplifying system with two built in 8 inch loudspeakers and was cutting edge in its day. See our Blog on its restoration.

If you are looking for a 7.5cm brass door knob, they are hard to find so grab this along with the large matching letterbox before it goes.


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