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Pye Stereophonics Black Box Restoration

Updated: May 26, 2023

Pye made this with a Gerrard turntable powered via a 6 valve amplifier with more than 50 other capacitors and resistors ; with most of the electronics being more than 60 years old they were no longer fit for purpose after testing. Some 30 of the 50 were no longer operating and on some occasions capacitors were acting as resistors so needless to say it may have made a noise but it couldn't have been called an amplifier. We removed the amplifier from the cabinet so we could start work on it.

After removing the components these were replaced with the smaller new replacements and then soldered back into place into the removed amplifier which now looks much neater . This involved some 60 soldered joints which had to be tested after each to ensure they were giving the correct readings.

The Amplifier is now reinstalled back into the cabinet and the turntable and speaker cables connected back to the amplifier via more soldered joints. After a soft power up via controlled current device the amp gave the correct reading for a mono system so some more work was done to resolve the problem and both channels now working and the sound quality is amazing. The Garrard 210 turntable has been removed and re-greased and adjusted to the correct arm weight. New ST14 Stylus added . The video show how complicated the turntable stacker is , can understand how it was designed by watch makers Come into the shop and bring your own vinyl to hear how it would have sounded when first pressed


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