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Coffee Concept

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Retail has to find new ways to attract customers to visit the store by making it more interactive and engaging. To date the concept has been to incorporate the workshop and shop and now I plan to add a coffee bar counter in 1930s style, the vintage coffee machine and grinder we are restoring will help to create an Italian style coffee bar that fits into the theme of our Art Deco shop design.

As part of this concept I visited a couple of top end Italian Coffee producers from northern Italy ( Venice Region) where coffee has been blended and roasted since 17th century where I was meet with their love of coffee with character but not the dark roasts that are found in the southern parts of Italy.

These companies have a more hands on approach to their customers where supply and setup machines and grinders plus sales material and a training academy plus onsite training is standard, I sampled many blends and identified the one I feel would give the best experience and have spent time with their trainers exploring the best coffees to offer and how best to bring their passion and love of coffee to Glasgow.

The vintage machines need this extra care as they don’t have some of the latest technology but their style and design complement the bar and shop but they will need to be loved and managed carefully to make sure they offer the best coffee.

Initially the customer will be offered - Espresso, Macchiato and Cappuccino all as single shot drinks and small cups to match. Cakes aren’t on offer but I am offering Tuscan cantucci as a complement. You can see more about it here, on BR Caffè page.

I hope we can attract cyclists who traditionally used coffee as a quick fix to get on the road again but also provide a low cost way of getting an amazing Italian coffee while enjoying the venues ambiance.

After exploring Art Deco counters I found an amazing website in America where they had counters in the region of $15,000 but most were sold so this and the transportation plus duty made it not happen, but having decided of a few styles I eventually decided that after a visit to Milan Design Week earlier this year that a Art Deco style counter which was less classical designed would be what I wanted. The process of creating the counter began but quickly I discovered an office reception desk that had been bought as a bar was available locally!

It just fitted into my van (hanging out the back) and took up a big space in the workshop. I worked with a local artist Victoria Smith to create a design that complimented the marble top that was made to fit the unit.

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