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Workshop Progress w/c 20th March 23

We have started on this industrial lamp which has been painted with various colours over the years. As often when you start the cleaning processes you discover the quality materials used and on this occasion the stem is brass and the green lamp aluminium. After stripping the paint off we will bring the lamp back to its original polished finish. We bought a four arm Angle-poise lamp and love the original paintwork and need to decide if keeping it original and adding a floor base maybe the best solution - we have recently finished one in grey which can be bought via our shop and details are on our website.

Other items that we are working on are progressing well, the Gerrard turntable has been cleaned by soaking it in fluid so it can be oiled - the wine box proved a perfect container. The customers Spanish chandelier has now had the new brass bulb holder connected , removing the old candle holders and ready for the new bulbs. I love this 18th century clock face by Rob Roberts of Bangor which now has a new motor and hands allowing it to be both beautiful and functional which is what we love achieving. we found these charming red and white stools and we hope to save the covers and sand blast and powder coat the folding legs - if you are interested in them there is still time to discuss colour options.

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