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Victorian Encaustic Tiles

Updated: May 9, 2023

We reclaimed these tiles over 2 years ago from a large period house in Tighnabruaich that was undergoing restoration. An existing customer wanted to purchase them and we offered them cleaned and dry fitted to their space, including any cutting requirements. We only sell them once they have been seen and we have agreed the pattern can fit their space.

The customer wanted to restore the entrance to their tenement flat , between their storm doors and front door. We firstly made the dry fit so that the tiles were balanced and also to determine what tiles were needed and how many cuts would be required. On this occasion a new door bar was required and we used a piece of Iroko timber cut to size and then oiled. We then took all the tiles back to the workshop and buffed each tile separately on our buffing wheel, which took several hours but makes such a difference . As an additional service we fitted the tiles for the customer and the final photo on the right shows them after grouting but before the final wash.

We have just added these tiles to our collection - recovered from an Edinburgh Georgian house that was being redeveloped. These are amazing tiles from an earlier period to the more familiar Glasgow tenement tiles, now for sale in the workshop.

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