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Eton College Carved Oak Secretary Bureau

Updated: May 9, 2023

This old carved oak secretary bureau had its origin in Eton College with signatures and keys in the drawers. To remove the dark stain I have scrubbed & scrubbed using wire wool and Smith & Rodgers paint remover while wearing chemical gloves and glasses, and as you can see the hand carved detail is coming into view below.

The bureau is beginning to look much more interesting as the process continues - the wire wool clogs up quickly with the oil stain which was used to create the dark colour (added at a later date)

After many hours work and a number of pairs of chemical resistant gloves , the original oak is finally ready for waxing . Before that we repaired damaged woodwork the hinges and managed to find keys for the original locks .

The finished piece is now on display in the shop and would make a lovely library and study with the drop down lid. See more details on website - Eton College Bureau


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