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Art Deco Salvage from Kelvin Court

Updated: May 9, 2023

This fireplace was removed in the 90s and lovingly stored until we recently obtained it. It's a lounge piece from 1930s Kelvin Court flats in Glasgow and its asymmetrical design makes it particularly stylish. Cast in cement sections it is easily moved in sections and built up with its integrated hearth. It has been painted with a tile paint which would have originally matched the wall colours.

These Jade Vitrolite tiles were removed from a bathroom similar to the photograph above, also from Kelvin Court flats.

After removing the adhesive from the reverse, the tiles have been cleaned and sorted and the colour and light marbling effect make them very special. I am so glad they were saved and stored carefully in a garage by the daughter of a previous owner of a flat in Kelvin Court. In total we have 48 tiles @38cm x 25.5cm and 25 tiles @ 75cm x 10cm plus some damaged pieces. A sample is in the shop for anyone wanting to dream up a new way of using them.

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