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Antique Garden Bench Restoration

Updated: May 9, 2023

We found this 15 slat bench last year and while it was no longer in a usable condition it found a temporary home in our garden as we loved it so much. The legs are more refined and to compensate for this it was made with three support legs unlike the heavier two end benches which don't have the additional centre leg. While the timber was probably original and looked picture perfect with the green moss , it was no longer usable and all the bolts were rusted on and needed to be cut off before we could do the welding repairs required. Next stage was to sand blast the steel and make sure all bolt holes were clear and ready for the oven to be powder coated.

We chose the metallic grey finish to give it a natural steel finished look which reflects the sunlight and complements the stainless steel bolts and the Iroko timber. Benches made in the early 1900s were unique as they were made by the local blacksmith to a pattern they were familiar with and the bolts holes were hand positioned , so each of the 15 slats needed to be cut, sanded and then holes drilled to match the 45 holes. The curved shape of the bench is attractive as well as being comfortable to sit on. Even though this bench has 15 slats the lightweight steel structure allows this bench to be easily repositioned to catch the sun as it moves. The bench is available to see in the shop/workshop and while we do offer restoration for customer's own benches when we have availability if you look on our website page under Workshop you can keep up to date on other benches we have in progress.

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