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Art Deco fireplaces: heating your home with style

Imagine stepping back into the 1930s every time you enter your living room. The grandeur, the elegance, and the unmistakable style of Art Deco, all captured within your fireplace. In this article, we'll explore the distinct components that make up an Art Deco fireplace, delve into its meticulous restoration process, and present you with exquisite second-hand options that are currently available in our shop.

Whether you're an Art Deco enthusiast or simply interested in making a historical style statement in your home, this read is for you.

Components of an Art Deco fireplace

To fully understand the structure of a fireplace, it's helpful to break it down into its individual components. Though each fireplace can vary in its detailing, the fundamental architectural elements are generally consistent. Let’s see the key components you'll find in a fireplace.

  • firebox: it's the area where the fire actually burns. It's typically lined with materials like firebrick or refractory panels that can withstand high heat.

  • hearth: the floor of the fireplace and the area that extends into the room. Hearths can be made from a variety of materials such as marble, granite, or even concrete.

  • corbel: the support brackets or blocks at the sides of the opening of a fireplace. Corbels provide both functional support and, in some designs, decorative elements to the overall look.

  • plinth: it acts as the base of the fireplace surround. It's typically a flat, horizontal surface that raises the fireplace off the floor.

  • surround: this component frames the fireplace opening and is one of the most visible parts. Surrounds can be made from a wide range of materials, including wood, marble, or metal.

  • mantel: also known as mantelpiece, it's the shelf above the fireplace. Mantels can be simple shelves or more elaborate structures that include additional shelving or decorative elements.

Art Deco traces in a fireplace

Apart from these functional components, Art Deco fireplaces often include decorative elements like sunbursts, fanned foliage, or stylised animals. These can be featured in the form of tiles, metalwork, or carved details, serving to further define the fireplace's Art Deco origins.

By familiarising yourself with these basic components, you can more fully appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into constructing a fireplace, regardless of its specific style.

Restoration of a fireplace from 1930s

When it comes to the restoration of an Art Deco fireplace, it's a task that demands the finesse and expertise that our team brings to each project. Here's an overview of how we professionally restore these iconic 1930s pieces.

  1. initial assessment: it all begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the fireplace's current condition. This allows us to identify specific areas that require attention and helps us understand if that item is a good fit to be restored.

  2. professional cleaning: over the years, even the finest fireplaces accumulate soot, grime, and wear. We employ specialised cleaning techniques and agents, tailored to the unique materials of each fireplace, to meticulously remove years of buildup without causing any damage.

  3. component repair and replacement: for components that are too worn or damaged to be restored, we take great care to source replacement parts that at least closely match the original materials. Our extensive network of suppliers allows us to find materials that are as authentic as possible, ensuring the fireplace retains its original character during the restoration process.

  4. refinishing and detailing: each component undergoes a thorough refinishing process. Whether it's polishing marble, staining wood, or restoring metal accents, we ensure that each element is returned to its original glory.

  5. expert reassembly: once all the components are restored, our team reassembles the fireplace with exceptional care and precision.

Every nut, bolt, and screw is secured to ensure the entire structure is stable and safe.

Art Deco accents

Given our dedication to 1930s Art Deco fireplaces, we also offer the option to reintroduce period-specific elements that may have been lost over the years. This adds an additional layer of authenticity to the restoration.

Quality assurance and final touches

Before we consider any project complete, we conduct a rigorous quality assurance check. This includes adding any final touches, like period-appropriate accessories or hardware, to complete the authentic restoration.

Through our meticulous and professional approach, we bring Art Deco fireplaces back to life, making them a functional and aesthetic centrepiece in the home of its new owner.

Second hand fireplace for sale

After delving into the intricate components and the detailed restoration process, you will likely appreciate a piece like this, currently available at our shop:

This Art Deco fireplace surround was originally in a property at Glaswegian iconic Kelvin Court. After being carefully removed from its original place, this second-hand Art Deco fireplace is ready to become the centrepiece of your home.

To enhance the aesthetic, consider these encaustic tiles, beautifully complement the Art Deco fireplace surrounds.

Don't miss the chance to own a piece of history. Visit our shop to explore these and others unique offerings today, before they found a new happy owner.

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